AI Song Contest Team Australia, Uncanny Valley. Beautiful The World

We are so very happy to announce we won with our track 『Beautiful the World』 Teams from across Europe and Australia competed to …


Juno Approach Movie of Jupiter and the Galilean Moons

NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured a unique time-lapse movie of the Galilean satellites in motion about Jupiter. The movie begins on June 12th with Juno 10 …


How Scientists Can Avoid Cognitive Bias

Cognitive biases have received some attention in recent years, thanks to books like “Thinking Fast and Slow,” “You Are Not So Smart, or “Blind Spot.


Blood Squirting Lizard | National Geographic

A lizard that squirts blood – from its eyes? Just watch, it might save the lizard’s life. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: …


How Mosquitoes Use Six Needles to Suck Your Blood | Deep Look

Support Deep Look on Patreon!! 2017 WEBBY PEOPLE’S VOICE WINNER for Best Science & Education Video …